A brain-based approach to driving performance through coaching


About this Program


Performance leadership is designed for busy leaders and managers who want to significantly

increase the effectiveness of their development conversations with others.

Participants learn core coaching skills that move others quickly from impasse toward

insight and motivated action, ultimately for the development of new habits.

Participants learn how to apply coaching skills in everyday workplace scenarios such as solving problems and making decisions, giving everyday feedback, conducting performance reviews and running productive and engaging meetings.

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  • Improves a leader’s ability to enhance employee performance
  • Improves a leader’s ability to collaborate with and influence others
  • Gives leaders the skills to help others move more quickly to insight
  • Improves the quality of feedback and performance reviews
  • Enhances a leader’s team management skills
  • More effective, influential leaders
  • Improved employee and team performance
  • Higher levels of staff engagement
  • Improved motivation and productivity
  • Better ownership and accountability

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