About Us

Neuroscience partnerships defy conventional wisdom.

The outcome? Measurable results that stick.


Neuroscience research explains dilemmas that have, until recently, perplexed leaders of organisations, consultants and researchers. Dilemmas such as why leadership development programmes often disappoint, why change initiatives continue to fail, why performance management does not lead to better performance and why experienced leaders, with honest intentions, continue to make biased decisions. Through partnerships we bring academic research into business. We design relevant, practical solutions underpinned by hard science.

Practice Areas

We work with academics, scientists and business leaders to align our focus in the areas that leaders experience as critical priorities. We are thinking partners that help our clients build strategies that positively transform organisations. NLI provides brain-based, process-focused and outcome-driven methodologies that facilitate positive change in three practice areas:


Drive performance by lifting the quality of conversations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Move the needle on today’s diversity and inclusion challenges.

Leadership & Change

Accelerate and embed new behaviors through brain-based learning strategies.

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