An Organisation is Only as

Good as Its Thinking

We partner with leaders and executives to develop high-impact organisational solutions. NeuroLeadership Institute partners with companies worldwide to develop brain-based strategies and processes that directly impact talent management.


Conventional performance management practices can be costly, ineffective, and even counterproductive to enhancing performance and increasing engagement.

We leverage the neuroscience of human performance to partner with organizations in developing strong performance management systems. While many companies focus on adjusting ratings or recalibrating pay-for-performance, we’ve seen the biggest breakthroughs from improving the quality of conversations that managers have with their direct reports.

NeuroLeadership Institute has designed a proven process for reinventing performance management, from building the business case for change to embedding new behaviors and facilitating the rollout of new systems.

In a hyper-connected world where poor decisions can multiply like a chain reaction, breaking free of unhelpful bias has never been more urgent or important. However, when we think about launching interventions against these biases, it is imperative to understand where and why they come about. Unconscious bias is, after all, unconscious.

It turns out that they arise from the way our brains are organised. Without mental shortcuts, we would not be able to process as much information or make any decisions at all. Understanding the ubiquitous nature of these biases does little to impact our behavior, instead, we must focus the efforts of our bias mitigation at a different level.

We partner with organisations to share the research around bias and identify key areas that may be biased. Together, we develop strategies to mitigate these biases at the level of teams or systems, in order to create maximum impact.

A highly skilled, high-performing workforce is a central focus for executives across all industries. A hyper-connected global economy means accelerated innovation cycles and a need for maximal returns from training and skills development.

NeuroLeadership Institute partners with organisations to design time and cost-effective learning initiatives that drive true and sustainable behaviour change. We develop learning architectures and delivery methodologies based in hard science to improve learning at all levels—from large leadership development programs, to teaching technical and soft skills, to individual learning events.

Internal coaching cultures have been shown to be one of the most effective elements of lifting organisational performance.

NeuroLeadership Institute has over 15 years of experience partnering with organizations to pinpoint the business processes where coaching can have the greatest impact. We help companies develop internal coaching resources for dramatic positive impacts to culture and lifting performance at scale.

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