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Last webinar | 26th April 2019
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Meet Our Speakers

Rob Jardine
Rob Jardine

Masters in Industrial Psychology Head of Research & Solutions

Henriette Malherbe
Henriette Malherbe

PhD Organisational Behaviour, Business Coach, Facilitator and Researcher

Lorraine Toni Morris
Lorraine Toni Morris

Masters in Business Leadership Head of Implementation and Solutions

NLI webinars are different

They are facilitated by skilled presenters who make use of a High Impact Virtual Engagement methodology.

This means you can expect to be engaged and called upon to participate throughout the webinar and have your questions answered, no matter the size of the audience.

You will need to register to attend any of the webinars so make sure to click on the RSVP button.

Can’t make it? 

The sessions will be recorded and made available after the session. 

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